Breakfast @ Wimbledon Registration

Breakfast @ Wimbledon

  • In consideration for me (or my child) being permitted to use the Zephyr Cove Tennis Club tennis courts, facilities, and services (collectively, the “ZCTC”), I acknowledge that it is not without risk. I agree that the Zephyr Cove Tennis Club Foundation and Douglas County (collectively, the “Host”) and the Host’s heirs, agents, employees, or assigns will not be held liable for injury, illness, accident, emergency, death or other related problems arising from using the ZCTC. I also agree to hold the Host and its heirs, agents, employees, or assigns harmless in the event I (and/or my child) suffer personal property theft, damage, or loss while using the ZCTC. While using the ZCTC, I acknowledge that I (and/or my child) am expected to be in normal health and am willing to be responsible for my own actions. While the Host has taken reasonable precautions, I recognize and acknowledge that using the ZCTC is not risk-free. I acknowledge that my (and/or my child’s) use of the ZCTC constitutes an awareness, acceptance, and assumption of these risks.